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Our Approach

Our approach is based on the belief that transparency and integrity are at the foundation of every successful financial plan. Collaborating with you, your family, and your business, our team will ensure that an effective plan is created, implemented, and monitored.

Discovery Meeting

We begin our process by getting to know you. Our team will ask you questions about your future goals, your current financial picture, and what you hope to accomplish by enlisting our services.

In-Depth Analysis

Once a mutually beneficial relationship has been established, our team will analyze your goals, assets, and investments. During this time we will dive into your current situation, and help you understand  your current financial picture.

Plan Approval and Implementation

After thoroughly assessing your current financial state, we will craft custom plans that address your goals and is tailored to your liking. Upon approval of your plan, our team will implement it, and monitor its progress on an ongoing basis.

Review and Refine

Your plan is designed to adapt to the changing financial climate, and unexpected personal events. Stokes Financial Group will carefully monitor your plan on a consistent, ongoing basis, and suggest modifications as they become necessary.